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Yanni Kotsonis

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Invité de l'EHESS
Equipe(s) : ESOPP
Laboratoire(s) de rattachement : CRH

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New York University
Department of History
19 University Place, Room 218
New York, NY 10012USA

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Yanni Kotsonis was educated in Athens, Montreal, Copenhagen, London, Moscow, and New York. He taught in England before coming to NYU in 1994. He pursues his interest in modern Russia through political economy, which he expressed in his first books on agrarian change and his recent book of taxation in Russia, the USSR, and Europe. In his teaching too he is concerned with the ways we can make intelligent comparisons between one time period and another (Imperial and Soviet Russia), and one country and another (Russia and other parts of Europe). His studies of taxation and his introduction to the book Russian Modernity reflect these interests. So does the range of courses he teaches and the variety of topics researched by his PhD students: Siberia, Harbin, Soviet Roma, Mozambique, and political Utopianism. He works with only a few students at a time; as someone once said, "Better fewer, but better." He is founding director of the Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia.

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Dans le séminaire Savoirs, institutions, économies. Histoires connectées et dynamiques globales,
une séance commune, Fiscalité, résistance et évasion, regards croisés Russie (URSS)-USA, 19e-20e siècles
Yanni Kotsonis, Mass Taxation in the Age of the Individual.The New Personal Taxation in Russia and the World
Romain Huret, Tax Resistance. United States in Global Perspective. Anthropology and Architectural Invention
Jeudi 3 mars de 15h à 19h
EHESS (Salle Denys Lombard) – 96, boulevard Raspail – 75006 Paris

Dans le cycle de séminaires, Octobre 1917. Nouvelles approches historiographiques
Russian Economic Collapse in Historical Perspective, 1913-1920
Lundi 6 mars de 17h à 19h
EHESS (Salle 2) – 105, boulevard Raspail – 75006 Paris

Dans le cadre du séminaire de Romain Huret et Nicolas Barreyre, Etat et justice économique aux Etats-Unis
Global Fiscal Evolutions and National Revolutions from the Eighteenth to the Twentieth Centuries
Lundi 13 mars de 14h à 16h
EHESS (Salle 12) –  105, boulevard Raspail – 75006 Paris

Dans le cadre du séminaire de Juliette Cadiot, La Russie en Révolution
Property law, and the Practice of Credit and Taxation in Russia,1890s-1920s
Jeudi 16 mars de 13h à 15h
EHESS (Salle 670) – 190, avenue de France – 75013 Paris


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